About B’Nerdly

I you’re reading this; I don’t know why.

It wasn’t meant for you. At least, not YOU specifically.

Of course, I’m happy you’re here. Jumping up and down, in fact. And I’m deeply grateful. I just wasn’t expecting you…

… because to say it “wasn’t meant for you” is to say it wasn’t “engineered” for you.

What Do I mean?

Great question. Let me explain…

You may not know this, but an about page on a website is not about the website. And it’s not about the website owners.

Not really.

Being Nerds

Sure, the page title about seems to imply what the page is about, clearly.

But here’s the thing…

A well-built about page is really about YOU. It’s supposed to resonate and give you a reason to stay.

It should answer the important question, “why are you here?”

But I must confess, I have no idea why you’re here.

The truth is, you’re not supposed to be reading this because it was written with an assumption no one ever would. And based on this ragged assemblage of word soup so far, that much is apparent.

At best, a chaotic collection of words as placeholders on standby until better words arrive.

Therefore, this page is not carefully structured to capture your attention in any way. It’s not crafted to resonate with any powerful emotion or elicit a particular motivation.

… I did NOT spend months backpacking the Himalayas, meditating, and researching in solitude to identify the perfect reader, YOU, while burning through gigabytes of spotty data, scouring the darkest corners of the web to uncover your deepest dilemmas and cook up the perfect solution. Therefore, I could not bundle and package a solution and sell it for a limited time price.

Not that there’s anything wrong with solutions and money. Both have a peculiar charm.

But for now…

… I did NOT study your comments and responses on forums and social media to learn your verbiage and tone of voice just to mirror your parlance within these words to delicately induce a deeper connection with me (or any B’Nerdly author)…

… metaphorically speaking, of course. Not you specifically. People who may share a common interest or two, obviously.

… I also did NOT rummage through Facebook, Reddit, Quora, or a multitude of comments, complaints, and reviews on any other platform to identify your pain points and desires, and then emphatically weave them into my own stories and experiences in a way that you’d read this and think…

“Oh My God!”

“That’s me!”

“It’s as if he knows me.”

And of course, cheap tricks and chicanery of the kind would hardly work on you.  

While most people are blissfully unaware that merciless marketing maestros are stalking them online like unsuspecting marshmallows at a cookout, the fact that you’re reading this right now, implies that you are un-blissfully aware…

… because you are not most people.

I know this because because most people don’t read blogs anymore, and yet, here you are.

Come to think of it, B’Nerdly may have been unintentionally-intended for you after all.

This is the only rational conclusion a rational individual can conclude.

Most people don’t know that their deepest fears, desires, and insecurities (yes, even their insecurities) are being harvested by a Marvelesque super-villain (aka The Marketing Maestro) who hurls those fears, desires, and insecurities (yes, even their insecurities) back into their subconscious with a blast so powerful their cognitive defenses are gobsmacked…

… and the puppet master snatches control.  

It’s a tale as old as time…

… if time was 100 years old, give or take.

Editors note for accuracy: Scientific Advertising by Claude C. Hopkins, widely regarded as the father of modern advertising (and tactic revealer), was published roughly 100 years ago, in 1923).

But NOT here at B’Nerdly.


No Way!

This tactical dance is not happening on my smartwatch because B’Nerdly was not created with a target audience in mind.

Other than not for most people, I have no idea who it’s for…

… because I’m not even sure what it is (although I’ll discuss that further in a moment).

That’s not to say I don’t have a decidedly vague and foggy notion of what I don’t want it to be. I do. And for it to not be that, it must break the rules of “modern blogging”.


  • It does not conform to any specific “niche”.
  • It is not exclusively optimized for “search engines”, and it does not strategically “feed the algorithm”.
  • It does not solve any “particular problem” (at least I don’t think so).
  • It does not have an “ideal audience” (if it does, it wasn’t planned).
  • It does not use proper grammar or shy away from “quotations” and three-dot ellipses… (like a writing coach once told me to stop using).
  • It does not prefer short, simple words over highbrow, pretentious ones. And it does not read at a certain grade level (in fact, some of it might not even make sense to me).   
  • And (as mentioned), it does not employ clever copywriting strategies to learn what keeps you awake at night and hook you with empathy to echo your fears and desires back at you. It does not dig in with words to further agitate your fears and desires so that with carefully crafted articulation, the perfect opportunity to offer you an irresistible solution is created (if that does happen, it’s ONLY by chance, not because of a tactical marketing workflow).  

That’s a lot of what B’Nerdly is not, what B’Nerdly does not do, and who B’Nerdly is not for.

But it’s not a lot of what B’Nerdly is, what B’Nerdly does, and who B’Nerdly is for.

As the name suggests, it was originally conceived as a website that encourages people to embrace their inner-nerd.

Hmmm… inerd… innerd… innerds…

… not the best tagline.   

But back to the point. Perhaps that original idea was just an excuse; permission for ME to embrace MY inner-nerd, which I’ve long forgotten how to do.

But I need to.

And maybe you need to too.

And if you’re like me, the things you’d like to nerd-out on change from time to time, so maybe B’Nerdly is best described as a manifestation of my ADHD, not really knowing what it wants to be at any given moment.

It just knows it wants to be something; therefore, it is.

So, if you connect with something you read here or one of our authors (real or artificial), I assure you, it’s pure coincidence.

Or perhaps the universe brought you here because “it was meant to be”, although I don’t usually believe such things.

But you might believe such things and that’s what matters. I really hope you’re right because the world would be a little bit more unremarkable otherwise.

I’d also like to say a few words to those who resonate with absolutely nothing here; those having a non-resonate experience, if you will.

If that’s you, then you probably won’t know why you’re here and you may be confused about how your got here (I’m confused by it too, although not as confused as I am that you’re still reading this).

No matter… your thumbs will paddle you off to another crusty corner of the web in a blink, and you’ll forget all about us. Consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

If you’re still here though, and still curious, I’m very sorry. But welcome to B’Nerdly anyway (whatever it is).   

Jay Petrie